• "Your Silhouette CAMEO online tutorial paid for itself within the first 10 minutes! Almost 2 hours of info I needed desperately. Thank you so much!" - Katie

  • "This class was such a boost to my learning curve on the CAMEO. I watched just prior to receiving my CAMEO and felt confident from the start that I could use it! The day I got my machine I was off and running and haven't stopped since. Thanks so much, Nikki, In Stitches!" - Carol

  • "Thank you again for class! What has taken me nearly 6 months to start to figure out, Nikki, In Stitches was able to answer in just 90 minutes!" - Heather

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Welcome to the Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy!


I’m so excited to welcome you to the Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy


Crafting With Your Silhouette from the Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy


This monthly membership program includes projects and lessons built specifically to help you master every feature of your Silhouette Studio Software. Welcome to Crafting With Your Silhouette!


Featured in this program are:


  • Monthly projects built specifically to help you learn every feature in the Silhouette software.

  • Time saving tips and techniques to help you shorten the “learning curve” time often associated with getting familiar with the Silhouette software.

  • Real time demonstrations where you can watch as I assemble our projects and respond to any questions that students had regarding the lesson. These sessions are available to watch as often as you’d like!

  • Community conversations taking place every day, providing the help you need, but also allowing you to build a network of fellow crafters here to encourage you to explore where your Silhouette cutting system can take you

  • Lessons to increase your confidence and skills, cutting back on wasted time…and supplies.

  • My personal support. I actively respond to comments and questions posted on the site. I also personally respond to emails. I’m here to answer your questions, and get you back to creating with your CAMEO, or Portrait as quickly as possible.


    Click Here For More Details…And A Free “Getting Started With Your Silhouette” Mini Lesson!

    Can’t wait to see you there!


    Nikki, In Stitches