You Opened The Box…Now What? {The First Three Things To Do With Your New Silhouette Cutting System Free Class!}

The First Three Things To Do With Your New Silhouette Cutting System Free Class


You’ve been so excited to get your new Silhouette cutting machine, but you open the box, install the software…and then panic! What do you do first? What do you buy? Where do you look for help?


Relax! I’ve got you covered!


In this FREE class, we’ll discuss:

  • What to do after you open the box and install your software

  • Where to look for free designs

  • How to manipulate those designs for so many more uses than you ever thought

  • What supplies to buy first

  • And of course…we’ll create, cut, and apply your first decal!

There will be all the time you need to ask questions, too!


Yes, this class is for newbies, but as many of you know from my previous classes…I always have tips and tricks that even season Silhouette pros will love to use!


The specific details of the class are below, including the supply list.


But it really is simple…Press the play button and get ready to craft!


“See” you soon!


Nikki, In Stitches

In class we go over great resources for buying supplies and finding free designs. Click here to get download your free resource sheet: The First Three Things To Do With Your New Silhouette Cutting System Class Resource Guide


Here are a few things to keep in mind while you watch:

1. You don’t need to have your Silhouette to watch and learn! If you’re thinking about taking the leap, this is a great way to see if a Silhouette is right for you!


2. Yes, you can craft in real time with me, but take your time! You can pause this video, rewind, and rematch as often as you’d like.


3. Your supply list for class is:

  • Silhouette cutting system, cutting mat, and software

  • Vinyl (Scraps will probably do!)

  • Transfer Tape

  • Basic crafting supplies…scissors, maybe a scraping tool, etc.

  • Two fonts you can download for free…you may even already have them! Click on the name of each font to be taken to the site where you can find them each for free.

    1. Nymphette (This is a graphic font…no actual letters are included.)

    2. Lavanderia (This is a co-op site. If you’d like to make a donation when you download, you certainly can, but it is not required. You can just put a 0 in the box!)


4. Share away! The more the merrier! Feel free to post this page on Facebook, Twitter, where ever you’d like!

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My Personal Silhouette Experience


The Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait have taken the “home crafter” to places they could have only ever dreamed of going before. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can make!

Personally, I’ve been crafting with my CAMEO for almost a year now, and have created more with it than I ever thought I would. I’ve also experienced first hand, the learning curve that goes along with getting to know your Silhouette cutting system.

What did I do? I dove into the software with both feet and learned the hard way, over the course of months, and by lots of trial and some error.

Please don’t make that same mistake!

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