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      Today we’ll take a very traditional rhinestone design and put a fresh “appliqué” twist on it. This is a great opportunity for those of you that haven’t really been into rhinestone work, or aren’t exactly sure how the whole application process works, to get a quick intro.

      If you have any questions about the design, or the rhinestone application process, this is the place to post them!

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      Watch this class and see how to create the double hearts file, but don’t see how I would make it in two different fabrics as shown on your picture. Can you help?

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      Take a peek at the video for this lesson here:

      Fast forward to about minute 10. That’s where I create the two separate hearts that will be cut from my fabric!

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      Hey Nikki, Hope all is going great in PA. I just read about Silhouette saying by June 22 if you have not upgraded to V3 you would not be able to download from the design store. Ok I do have V3 but they say the most current version is V3.3.622. I have 3.3.451. So which one is the newest. I don’t ever get updates. Remember
      after the last change something went crazy with my software and every time I close it out I get a message box from windows that something has happened and close out the program. I finally did hear from Silhouette and they sent an older version and said to install that one, but I did not know how to change it . So I just kept what I had and deal with the little box coming up. So which is the newest version and how do I update when it states from the dropdown box under help in my silhouette that there are no updates?

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      I just had post again. Has anyone else been reading all the problems with the new update? So glad I didn’t get the notice in my silhouette. I read it in a Silhouette blog. Seems like a lot of people are having problems opening their silhouette once they update. There are still a lot of people who have never updated to V3. I think it is time to maybe delete my V2 on my computer and just keep V3. My only problem is I had problems installing new fonts in my V3. That is all I still use V2 for is to install fonts. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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      I’m beginning to think this problem is never going to go away :/
      I have (knock on wood!) not had any problems with the move to V3, and I love it.
      I do still need to update to the newest version that was just released. I’m a little behind doing it just because I’ve been so busy with my kiddos now home from school all day!
      Yes, I have seen the stress that some people are having with it!
      And yes, I have seen the frustration so many people are expressing now that Silhouette has announced everyone must make the switch if they’d like to access the online store.
      I have mixed emotions about all of this.
      Part of me sees that Silhouette must update it’s software to keep things current, enhance it’s free software, and make the neccessary changes they need to for the new mobile app to work.
      And the other part of me absolutely sees how frustrating this can be for people who’s computers aren’t cooperating.
      I wish there was a way this could be easier for everyone!
      And I wish there was a way that I could help everyone to know if making the move is right for them, but it’s impossible for me to know for sure.
      The best I can do is offer my experience and advice, and help with the specific issues each of you have.
      In the very top left corner of your software, you can click on “Silhouette Studio” and then “About”…there should be the version number of the software you have there. (I’m doing this from memory, I’m not at my computer right now, so I’m hoping I’m remembering correctly!!!) You can compare that number to the newest software version on the Silhouette site to see if you are up to date!
      Now, this font issue is still so confusing to me, and I know we’ve talked about it in the past!
      You should be able to install fonts on your computer without ever having to go through Silhouette Studio. Download them and install them. They should just appear in the Silhoutte software. That process doesn’t work for you????
      Let me know and we’ll get this finally figured out!!

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      I haven’t had any problems with my software.

      Thank you for this lesson as I have this feature and the starter kit as I love to add the crystals with my machine embroidery on my clothing, etc. I haven’t opened this box yet and it’s been here since I bought the machine with a few other kits.

      This is really the reason I bought the Cameo.

      I use to buy these pre-made large beautiful crystal designs (rather expensive) to iron on. I hope these stones are as nice as the Swarovski crystals, and if not, I hope I can switch them out. CherylW

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        If you’re loving rhinestone projects, take a peek at this site:
        I personally have not bought from them, but I know a lot of students here have and love not only their rhinestones, but also the designs they have there, too!!

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      How do I download the Double Heart Rhinestone Design for V3 Users? I go to the site and click “Download” but it doesn’t do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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      When you get to the download page up at the right hand corner is a blue download box that works as I just tried it out for you. Cheryl

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      Jeannine Smith

      I tried the the blue download it does nothing help jeannine jsmith562@yahoo.ca

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        Hi Jeanine!
        I just double checked the links and they are good to go.
        Give them one more try!
        The files should start to download right away!

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      Jeannine Smith

      a new page opened up &
      I was able to download the hearts
      thanks Jeannine

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