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      The sky is the limit with this fun technique for creating completely “cuttable” shadows around your text!

      We’re starting off with the basics in this lesson, but in our live class later this month, we’ll get into all the details!

      If you have questions about the process of creating these shadows, post them here!

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      Finally, it took several days working on this, don’t know if anyone else had problems, But I could not get my shadows deleted, the step before we starting using the knife tool. When holding the shift key down and selecting each number, it would not let me do this. I had to work with each number individually. Took about 20 min to complete this step. Well I finished and hope it looks correct!

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        First of all, IT LOOKS PERFECT! YAY!!!

        Second, did you see my response to your selecting multiple pieces with the shift key question?

        It can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a steady hand. A slight movement of your mouse when you click and throw things off. Just zoom in!
        That will make the lines bigger, and easier to accurately click on.

        But regardless, I’m so happy you toughed it out! THESE LOOK GREAT!!!

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      Thank you Nikki, I will continue to work with the zoom on my projects that is probably the problem.

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      This class was so challenging for me.

      I tried it from scratch appox. 7 times and each time got a little further.

      I think I only made it as far as No. 4 or 5.

      The hardest part was selecting the shadow even with zooming in. On my last attempt, I ended up going at it a different way on a couple of numbers (if I remember correctly). I think I used *Align* and moved the original number to the back? I had it so I could just grab the shadow after I changed the position.

      I kept getting lost as to why or what I was doing. I can follow the instructions fine (have to use the pdf) in this lesson and finally gave up.

      I’m a couple of lessons behind so many sometime I’ll go back to this one.

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        I remember this lesson, it was a bit challenging, Don’t give up. I printed off the PDF and checked off each step as I did it. It worked. Don’t think I could have done it without looking at the PDF each time.

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        I totally agree with Mary! This one was tough and a checklist is a great idea!
        The more you do it, the quicker it goes, and the more creative you get with where and how place your shadows!
        I do demo this in the real time video. It may help for you to see it in action!

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      Jeannine Smith

      I cannot download the balloon cutables Jeannine

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